How to install the latest Epson driver without CD

Here is an article about how to Install the Epson drivers or software, please see also How to download Epson driver and software From Official Website page.

↓Epson Setup Intruction ↓

Install from a downloaded Epson Driver / Software for Windows

➡The Epson Driver / Software will start to Download.

➡If prompted Select "Run" to start the Epson Driver / Software installation.

➡Once downloaded the Epson Driver / Software files will be extracted.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install your Epson Driver / Software.
Note: You need to read the Epson User Manual for further arrangements. In General, such as: where do I get a print/scan, print settings with the network or Wireless setup, and many more (available under download Epson files support) 

Epson Install from a downloaded Epson Driver / Software for Mac

Follow the Epson Setup instructions below to install the Epson printer driver or software. If a Epson driver is not listed on the Epson website

➡ If you haven't downloaded Epson drivers and do not have a CD-ROM drive, then download Epson Support the list above↑.

➡ Locate the file Epson drivers / Software you downloaded. Double-click on the icon for the file Epson drivers / Software. If the Epson drivers / Software file is a .sit file it will extract the Epson drivers / Software file.

➡ A disk image is mounted on the Mac Desktop. Double-click on the Epson drivers / Software file to access the installer.

➡ Some Epson drivers / Software will have a .pkg installer, others will have a VISE installer. Double-click on the Epson drivers / Software file. If the Authenticate dialogue appears, enter your Mac OS account Name & Password, then click OK. The illustration below gives 'EPSON' as an example, but you will need to enter your own username also password.

➡ Read through the license agreement carefully. Click "Accept" to continue.

➡The Epson drivers / Software Installer appears. Select Easy Install, and then click Install. The installation starts, follow the on-screen instructions.

➡Power on the Epson printer. If you are using your Epson printer via USB or FireWire, plug the data cable into a free port on the Mac dekstop/computer & connect it to the port on the Epson printer. The example below shows a Epson printer connected via a USB cable.
➡If you will use the Epson printer wirelessly, e.g. with an Epson print server, you do not need to connect the Epson printer to the Mac OS Dekstop/computer.

➡Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Epson Support installation. When complete, Quit the installer & restart the Mac OS. If you encounter any problems installing the Epson printer driver or Software, search the Epson Knowledge Base for a solution. You can also find further information in your Epson reference guide / Manuals and Warranty available from your Epson Website support page.

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